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Planes románticos para San Valentín en Madrid


Se acerca San Valentín, y si te gustaría pasarlo de la forma más romántica posible en Madrid, este post es para ti. Además, los planes que te proponemos también sirven para aniversarios, celebraciones en pareja o simplemente para pasar un día diferente con esa persona especial. ¿Listo? Empezamos. Paseo en barca por El Retiro El […]

What to do in autumn in Madrid?


Visiting Madrid at any time of the year is wonderful, but there is something special about visiting in autumn. It’s pleasant weather, the incredible orange prints you can see in the parks or the relaxed atmosphere you can breathe in the city, make it the best time for an ideal holiday in the Spanish capital. […]

Navidad en Madrid. Plaza Cibeles

Christmas 2019 in Madrid


At MH we love Christmas. Lights, reunions, gifts and that special atmosphere that is breathed in the streets and houses make Christmas one of the most magical times of the year. And if we talk about this magical festivity we must talk about some cities that shine with their own light when Christmas impregnates the […]