Tradition and color at the Gracia festivities in Barcelona


The festes of the Gràcia neigbourhood take place every year in the middle of August- This 2022, from the 15th to the 21st. They begin, as always, the day after the proclamation, after a year of preparations carried out by the inhabitants themselves and the neighborhood associations of this area of Barcelona. In this post, we tell you everything you need to know to live these days to the fullest and not miss anything.

The Festa Major began in the 19th century, when the old Villa de Gràcia changed drastically: a farming village of just over 3,000 people (1828), was transformed to a population of 60,000 (1875), composed by artisans, workers and small traders. So, the festivity in honor of San Isidro, the agricultural patron, on May 15th, was transferred to August 15th, a public holiday in Spain, and today is one of the most important and popular in Catalonia.


Carrer Progrés, 1933 / Image:

Nowadays integrated into the city, the district of Gràcia, located at the end of Passeig de Gràcia -the ancient road that separated this village of the medieval Barcelona-, still maintains its distinctive and independence of the city center. Its narrow streets, full of animation of bars, restaurants, small shops and antique markets, have many activities carried out by dozens of civic and social organizations. The Festa Major of Gràcia is the best example. In the middle of August, some of its streets are decorated with ornaments under allegorical or contemporary themes. A handmade work made by the neighbors all the year around that involve and reinforce a collective sense. This effort will be rewarded in the streets decorating contest, which will evaluate the best stagings.

Image: Txumia

Image: Txumia

This festivity also includes a poster contest, an essay contest, a painting contest, a photography contest of the neighborhood streets, and also endless cultural activities in all the squares and streets. Many concerts of all kinds of music (rock, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, habanera…), craft fairs, historic routes through the neighborhood, exhibitions, theater, playgrounds, street dancing and plenty of food and drink for the visitors. And we can not forget the traditional correfocs -fire-runs that flood the neighborhood-, walks of gegants, capgrossos (giants made by papier maché) and shows of castellers (human towers). A festival of color, dance, and music that will take place continuously during these five days of August. If you want to check the official program of the Fiestas de Gracia 2022, you can consult this website.

Image: Protolog

Image: Protolog

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Main picture: Txumia (CC BY-NC-ND)

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