Madrid with Kids

Visiting Madrid with kids


Madrid is the perfect combination between the old and the new, with its modern infrastructures and its centuries of history. It’s also an economic and administrative centre, but never forgetting culture and leisure. That’s why every year millions of people visit the city to discover everything it has to offer. The Spanish capital is also a great family destination and this is why we are going to give some tips on what to do with children in Madrid.

Family museums in Madrid

Wax Museum of Madrid

For kids to meet their idols is not that easy, especially if we keep in mind that in many cases they are superheroes or cartoons, although they can also be athletes or actors, of course. However, thanks to the Wax Museum you can be closer to your favourite characters and even take pictures with them. From Cristiano Ronaldo, to Spiderman or the stars of Toy Story.

National Museum of Natural Sciences

Skeletons of dinosaurs and whales, reproductions of countless animal species and the famous stuffed African elephant are just some of the things that children can see in this museum. They will have a great time while they learn more about the species around us and they will also become aware of the importance of conserving the biodiversity of our planet.

CaixaForum Madrid

CaixaForum Madrid is known for its vertical garden wall but what’s inside the building can be equally or even more interesting. It’s a cultural, social and educational space with exhibitions, workshops, film cycles and much more. It also offers exhibitions and family activities, so that the little ones can enjoy their visit to the museum.

The Planetarium

Few things are as fascinating as space and stars. At the Planetarium in Madrid, both young and adults can learn a little more about it, either through the exhibitions or with the projections that can be enjoyed at full dome… you can even see the sky live!

Theater for kids in Madrid

If your kids prefer a show to museums -or you simply want to have more options -, there’s no need to worry. There are many children’s leisure activities in Madrid.

Cuarta Pared Theater

The programme of this theatre includes a large number of family shows ideal for children to have a good time and, most likely, learn something too. Although they take a break in summer, the rest of the year the Cuarta Pared Theater offers shows for all kinds of audiences, from adults to the youngest ones. You can check their children’s programme on their website.

La Escalera de Jacob

This theatre does offer children’s shows in the summer months. If the kids you travel with are fans of magic, they will love La Escalera de Jacob, since it includes different performances of magic for children in its programme that will make your stay in Madrid an experience to remember.

What to visit with kids in Madrid?

Leaving aside theaters and museums, parks would be the answer to this question. But parks of all kinds: regular ones, amusement parks, water parks…

Warner Park

Rides and shows in a movie universe that will make both children and adults feel like Hollywood stars. And just a half hour drive from the centre of Madrid.


This is a water park in which both children and adults can enjoy a refreshing and very fun summer day. You don’t have to worry if you’re going with little kids because there are attractions designed for them too.

Retiro Park with children

It is the best-known park in Madrid and there are many reasons why. It has many playgrounds, grass for running and playing and even has a pond with boats. You can also take some dried fruit or similar with you in order to feed the squirrels.

El Bosque Encantado (The Enchanted Forest)

Going to a botanical garden is fine, but it can be boring for children. It’s not the case of the Enchanted Forest. It’s a botanical garden unlike any other: it has more than 300 sculptures made with plants and shrubs and there also are labyrinths, waterfalls and even a river.

With everything that kids can do in Madrid, they will end up exhausted at the end of the day. So, they will appreciate being able to rest in a comfortable and cozy apartment, where they will surely feel at home. And if you stay in one of our MH apartments in Madrid, you will have total freedom and you will not miss anything. We’re waiting for you!