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The best popular races in Barcelona


Barcelona has a lot of different races throughout the year. Wherever you go, especially after the burning sun goes down, you will see runners from all over the world training in all of the different areas in this amazing city. Running is definitely the most popular form of training in Barcelona. For residents, but also […]

Navidad en Madrid

Navidad 2019 en Madrid


En MH nos encanta la Navidad. Luces, reencuentros, regalos y ese ambiente tan especial que se respira en las calles y en las casas hacen de la Navidad una de las épocas más mágicas del año. Y hablar de esta festividad es hacerlo de algunas ciudades que brillan con luz propia cuando la Navidad impregna […]

Autumn in Spain


It’s official: goodbye summer, hello autumn. Autumn in Spain is synonymous with pleasant temperatures, leaving behind the overwhelming heat of summer. In addition to a drop in temperatures, it is also a propitious season to enjoy the cities, less overcrowded by tourism and which, moreover, see their streets and parks tinged with the particular orange, […]