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From MH Apartments we want to help you to discover the city, and we suggest the best plans and the best places for you in Barcelona. Surprise your partner, friends or family and take them to the most curious places: the best museums, ice cream shops, restaurants, bars, terraces, monuments, parks, neighborhoods… all the ‘must’ spots that you can not miss!

Nighttime activities in Barcelona


Summer nights in Barcelona are full of life. The city has numerous proposals for those who prefer to enjoy some free time without crowds. If you are one of those who are on fire when the sun goes down, do not miss the best nightlife activities that from MH Apartments we’ve selected for you.

Actividades nocturnas en Barcelona


Las noches de verano en Barcelona están llenas de vida. La ciudad cuenta con numerosas propuestas para aquellos que prefieran disfrutar de un rato de ocio sin aglomeraciones. Si eres de los que se activan cuando cae el sol, no te pierdas las mejores actividades nocturnas que desde MH Apartments hemos seleccionado para ti.