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In this category we suggest the nearest services to our apartments to make you feel like a local in your stay in Barcelona. Discover where to shop, where to eat or where to get the basics in places of the neighborhoods around the MH Apartments.

Things you should know about Prague



When we think about Prague what immediately comes to mind are things like beer, castles, beautiful streets, the Astronomical clock and more beer. However, there are more things to see in Prague and many more things to know. The Golden City is one of the most visited cities in Europe and there are many reasons […]


Cosas que debes saber sobre Praga


Cuando pensamos en Praga, lo que inmediatamente nos viene a la mente son cosas como cerveza, castillos, hermosas calles, el reloj astronómico y más cerveza. Sin embargo, hay más cosas que ver en Praga y muchas más cosas que debes saber. La Ciudad Dorada es una de las ciudades más visitadas de Europa y hay […]