Curious places in Prague (III)


Following our previous post about «curious places in Prague (I)» and “curious places in Prague (II)”, from MH Apartments, we suggest you to continue discovering the best points of interest of the city to enjoy your trip to Prague.

Nostalgic Tram Line Nº 91

The tram is an icon of Prague. In fact, the city has a fairly extensive network, and for this reason it is the most practical public transportation to get around the city center.

The history of the tram in Prague starts in 1875, when the first model appeared drawn by horses. However, the popularity of this vehicle comes from 1891 when the first electric trams were released. Nowadays, they are very different, but if you’re curious to live an experience of time you cannot miss the nostalgic tram line nº91. This tram imitates those who wandered the city between 1908 and 1924 with a retro style. This historical line runs through the old quarter of Mala Strana, crosses the Vltava river, continues until the National Theatre and finally passes through Wenceslas square to the shopping area of the city. In addition, you can complete more info visiting the Muzeum MHD (public transport museum).

House of the Black Madonna

In 1912, the architect Josef Gočár built a Cubist building on the place occupied by two Baroque buildings. It was a revolution because this fact went against the requirements of the Prague City Hall about respecting the harmony of historical buildings. However, now this building is listed as one of the National Cultural Monuments.

Throughout its history, the House of the Black Madonna (Dům U Černé Matky Boží) has suffered reconstructions, abandonments and reformulations about how to use this space. In the beginning it was a mall, but with the decline of the Cubism movement it ended up being a simple office building. Later in the 90’s various parts of this house were restored to their original state, and it became the Museum of Czech Cubism. Despite it closed in 2002, finally in 2013 it reopened its doors as part of the National Gallery. The building is located in the Old Town (Stare Mesto) and you can recognize it for the statue of the Mother of God with black skin in the facade.

house-black-madonnaPhoto: Thomas Ledl

Golden Alley & Franz Kafka’s House

In your visit to the Prague Castle we recommend you to walk through the Golden Alley (Zlatá ulička), a small and narrow street that is located inside the castle, next to the wall. There, you will find a series of colorful houses built for the guardians of the castle in the late sixteenth century. However, a century later, a guild of goldsmiths was installed in the place. This is the reason of the name of this alley. Nowadays the houses have transformed into shops with souvenirs, puppets, medieval weapons, glass and other handicrafts typical products.

Golden Alley is especially famous because Franz Kafka lived with his sister Ottla for a while at the house number 22. You can also find books and other souvenirs of the writer in the shops of the alley.

golden-alley-praguePhoto: TripNotic

Karlín Musical Theatre

The Karlín Musical Theatre (Hudební divadlo Karlín) s the third oldest theater in Prague. Since its opening in 1881 it was known as «Théatre Varieté» for their circuses shows and performances of illusionists and comedians. However, it has become a national reference of musicals and operettas over time. In its 135 years of life this theatre has suffered several reconstructions, especially after a flood in 2002, but always keeping its main historic hall with capacity for 1,000 people. If you like this kind of shows do not hesitate to check the schedule, its majestic facilities are very worthwhile!

2Photo: Hudební divadlo Karlín

Europe falls. It contains amazing cities full of culture, history and leisure services that are perfect for tourism. This is the case of Barcelona, ​​the famous «Barcelona» and the case of Prague, a city that seems out of a fairy tale, this is the reason that both sites are the most visited in the whole continent and in fact, every year millions of people decide to seek an accommodation in Barcelona or accommodation in Prague to discover from beginning to end.
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