A touch of jazz in Prague


It is the most old music event in Czech Republic and one of the most famous in the European continent. Since its creation in 1964, the Prague International Jazz Festival has hosted worldwide celebrities of this kind of music. Tony Bennet, Chick Corea or Benny Goodman are some of the musicians who have led different editions of this important event for jazz lovers.


International line-up

The 2015 edition is completely international. As usual, it combines established jazz artists with emerging names, but emphasises Czech musicians.

This year, the event celebrates two anniversaries. The percussionist Josef Vejvoda turns 70 and the Prague Big Band reaches 40 years up on the stage. Vejvoda is one of the musical celebrities in the Czech Republic: he has played with Ted Curson, Emil Viklický and David Fiedman. The most highlighted performance is the one featured by Bob Mintzer and the prestigious Prague Big Band leaded by Milan Svoboda. The saxophonist has won two Grammy Awards and was one of the founders of the Yellowjackets band. Mintzer plays twice in this year’s festival, the second time with his Hungarian musicians quintet. The innovation is brought by Les Sirenes. The band presents a unique performance and Beatles’ covers.

The festival has started, but a lot of concerts can still be enjoyed like the Rene Trossman one accompanied by his dynamic sextet. Other outstanding dates will be the performances of the New Yorker and Grammy winner, Jean Toussaint, and the Lorenzo Thompson’s blues voice.

Historic scenario

The place where the festival takes place is the Reduta Jazz Club. Since its origins, this historic establishment of the Czech capital has been the main cultural spot in the city. It opened in 1957 promoting music and small format theatrical performances. Its activity has been hectic since the beginning, getting over from the Soviets’ occupation. It was the pacifist symbol of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and made known a lot of artist of the music and cabaret scene.

The festival has other scenarios as the Prague Local Library and clubs like the Mariánské náměstí 1 and Praha 1. The event will finish with the African American Lee Taylor concert on the 8th of November. You cannot miss it!

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